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  1. About the Dubai post, I think the people that go to places like Dubai to work laboring jobs, know the risks that they are getting into. Some people think that they can get around these risks or feel that hardship will not happen to them. And then they end up stuck. I don’t feel sorry for individuals like that. You need to research situations. Even if you are poor. Enslavement is too strong of a word for this because they are getting paid, and they were not taken from their country and forced to work these jobs. These companies can pay whatever they like because they know that someone somewhere will want to work it no matter the cost of life and dignities.

    • Thanks for your comment. It is greatly appreciated. I feel that if you are “tricked’ into taking a position where you are promised a certain salary for your labour and then when you arrive, you are paid a much lower salary and your working turn out to be a bunker with a ton of other people;awful and on top of that you are working far longer hours then expected, then in my opinion that is not above board. If your passport is confiscated upon arrival I find that to be a form of enslavement. These are people who unlike you and I barely have any education and are trying their best to support their families back home. For them this is a opportunity of a live time. You and I would conduct exensive research before ever stepping foot on the plane, they do not have that luxury, it’s about putting food on the table. We would not stand for that type of treatment, why should they?

  2. I wish you had a search buton on your blog. Could you please remind me of the name of the company that makes those fabulous designs from ankara? Please… and thank you in advance

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