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Will I Be Forever 21?

In Daily Musings on April 30, 2012 at 12:12 pm


I’ve never visited the store Forever 21, I always thought it was full of cheaply made teenybopper clothing.  I was pleasantly surprised when a friend asked me to go with her because she was in search of some summer tops and didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  The store I visited in DC was 3 floors of floor to ceiling tops, jeans, dresses, lingerie, practically anything you can think of to throw an outfit together.   

You could pretty much put an entire look together for under $100 very easily or go the low-end/high-end route.  I will admit it’s not a store I will visit often, though I’d probably pop back in there for some beach things and cute tops.  Judging by the multitude of young ladies (some not exactly acting like it,but that’s another post all together) Forever 21 is a very popular spot and is in the same league as H&M, I prefer the latter.

The crochet dress would be perfect in the spring over skinny coloured jeans and some high-heeled wedges or worn with a vintage slip underneath in the summer (you could wear same wedges or some flats).  One of the other reasons I bought it; was because I’m in the business of creating crochet items for my boutique, Maylana’s Closet, and I want to see if I can replicate it at some point.  It’s your basic shell stitch, it’s just a matter of figuring out stitch count, joining etc, but I digress…





I  hope this Monday finds you refreshed and ready for the new week; wishing you a glorious, fabulous and inspired week.


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