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Noted Fashion Designer L’wren Scott…

In Daily Chronicles on March 17, 2014 at 5:09 pm

L'Wren-scott-2013-british-fashion-awards-03, Maylana's Chronicles, Maylana's Closet #maylanascloset #maylanaschonicles #lwren L'wren Scott

On what is hopefully the very last snow day of 2014, I just found out that L’wren Scott was found dead of an apparent suicide.  I always wonder what is going on in someone’s life, which could cause them to decide this is the only way out.  My heart goes out. We are all interconnected with each other via social media, i.e., Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc., and most of us think everyone else’s life is going so perfectly, and we may even compare theirs to our own, because of the perfectly edited and fabulous photos we all put out on a daily basis. We really don’t know what is going on in someone’s life until it’s too late.  I pray I never find out what could be so bad that I feel there is no other way out.

I myself have been surrounded by death in 2014.  I have already lost two friends, so far this year, which has given me pause, to remember that today is all we have, so therefore, we must make the most of each day.

May whatever demons L’wren Scott was fighting be put to rest, and that she now rests peacefully.

  1. Indeed this is sad. May she finally find rest. My sympathies on your loss 🙂

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