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Chronicles on Hiatus

In Friday Chronicles on June 26, 2015 at 11:19 am



Hello darlings!

Today I made the difficult decision to place my blog on hiatus.  My blog is really important to me, but in my opinion, if I can’t dedicate 100% then don’t do it at all.  I have so much going on right now, huge life changes, which just don’t allow me the brain space to  create blog posts, go out and about and take photos or research what I’m writing about, then edit and do all the other wonderful things that we bloggers do to make our blogs exciting and worth reading. Putting my blog on hiatus, allows me to step back, take a deep breath and allow the universe to do what it does best.

2015 has already shaped up to be an interesting year for me, and with so much going on, it’s become overwhelming.  I’m not sure how long I’ll be away, but I’m hoping to return mid August, early September.

From time to time, I may post a quick blog post here and there, but the best way to keep up with me is to follow me @maylana on Instagram, @maylana on Pinterest or @maylanascloset on Twitter.  I promise you, I will eventually write about my travels to Dubai, which was so amazing and I feel truly blessed to have been given the opportunity to visit such an exotic and at the same time a thoroughly modern country.  I’m looking forward to sharing the wonderful photos and my lovely experience there.  I’m so glad I traveled to Dubai at the beginning of the year, because it may not have happened at all.

Be Creative, Be Peaceful, Be You

See you soon!

Maylana May

A Chic Little Break To Bring You Something More…

In Daily Musings on June 25, 2013 at 8:03 am


HiatusWell Darlings, I’ve decided to take some much-needed, quality time out for myself.  The last few months have been challenging and a major eye opener.  Life has been put into full perspective! The most important thing is, once again,  I’ve learned some truly valuable life lessons, which I know will take me further than I’ve ever been before.

I plan to take the blog “Maylana’s Closet” in a new direction on a self-hosting platform, with exciting content, new layout features, and a slightly different name, a complete revamp.  I plan to keep you in the loop as each change occurs.  I’ve learned in life, if you’re going to do something, do it well!  This new turn will be the next chapter of the Maylana’s Closet’s empire.

I want to thank all of my fabulous followers, who follow me everyday, and the lovely new followers I’ve gained in the last few weeks. I’m truly blessed that you’ve followed and continued to read my published content on a daily basis.  This blog has gone further, then I ever dreamed it would, and I intend to bring you even more.  I plan to return to blogging by the end of the summer, but I’m hoping that before the end of 2013, my new direction and all of its transitions will be fully completed.   Please stay tuned!!

During this fabulous summer we’re about to have, I will continue to publish random posts {as I can never completely stop writing and showing you beautiful things!}, as well as republishing content from my archives; but I do intend to fully relish in this much-needed time off, in order to bring you something EXTRAORDINARY!

Have an amazing time this summer season, lots of sun, lots of cocktails, and of course, lots of gorgeous clothes and shoes!

More importantly…  Do You!

Be Love ♥ Be Light ♥ Be Amazing™

Maylana's Closet 2013

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