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African Trivial Pursuit…

In Daily Musings on March 14, 2012 at 8:34 am

Salif hopes the new game will educate players about the continent.

While listening to my favourite radio station,  NPR yesterday morning, I heard about a woman named Salif Tidiane Ba, who decided to create an African Board game after her young son came home and asked her if it was true that everyone in Africa had AIDS!  Salif had to explain to her son that this was not true.  Salif who hails from Senegal found it truly disturbing that after asking her child’s school why are they not teaching more about the continent of Africa, she was told that it is simply too large and complicated… Isn’t that something!

Salif set out to rectify this mystifying situation and created a board game which has the map of Africa in its center and the game itself is a cross between Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit. The game now exists in English, French and Arabic.  Salif is hoping to have the game translated in Spanish and Portuguese as well as other African languages.

A question to the parents among you with young children, do you know what they are teaching your child/children about Africa in school?  Are they just being taught that there is only famine and diseases on that beautiful continent?  Maybe it’s time you found out.

To listen to or read the story about Salif and her board game, click here: