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Going Aqua…

In Daily Musings on April 16, 2012 at 11:17 pm

Update 4/17 – just found out from @justsitpretty this bag is called the Kristin Elevated Satchel and it’s no longer available in aqua… Bummer!  eBay here I come!!!

I just discovered this amazing aqua coloured Coach bag which I found on @justsitpretty’s Pinterest board. Do you hear me screaming just have to have!!! I am obsessed with this colour. This bag is simply gorgeous!!! It is 11:11 pm at night. I’m going to track this baby down tomorrow.


  1. I love a girl that is on a mission! If I find it first I’ll definitely let you know! I actually want this for a type of blogger event type bag.

    XO Kelley

    • And if I find it first I will be
      Sure to let you know. This is thanks to your lovely Pinterest board and you’re right it would make a brilliant blogging event bag.

  2. This purse is GORGEOUS!!! Love the color and style!!!

  3. OOO I LOOOOOVE IT. That is such a pretty color

  4. has anyone found it yet? i would love to own one!

  5. This one isnt quite the same but its still a lovely aqua color:

    Now you’ve got me on a mission too, that bag is GORGEOUS!

    • Hey darling, this is gorgeous!!! I’m still on the hunt for the aqua, but this comes a very close second. Thanks so much for info.

  6. Did you find any of the Aqua coach purses ? My friend is dying for it !!

  7. Any luck yet finding the purse?

    • It’s like this bag never existed. Coach made a very limited run of this particular colour, I’m still searching but no luck so far.

  8. I will be joining the hunt with you. Gorgeous bag! turquoise is my current obsession. I want one!!!!!!! Any idea what the style is named?

    • It’ll be an exciting treasure hunt. It’s called the Kristen bag. There are a couple of different sizes. Happy hunting!

  9. I have this bag and love it! Mine came from an outlet last summer.

    • That explains why I’m having such a hard time finding this bag. This is a discontiued colour. You are so lucky to have found this bag. I’m still looking.

  10. Has anyone found this purse in a different color? I haven’t been able to find it period:'(

    • Hi, I have found this bag in patent royal blue, patent red, camel, navy, cream and black on ebay. The Aqua is the only colour I have not been able to find, but I’m still looking. I hope this helps.

  11. I am SOOO sad I just looked at this BEAUTIFUL bag that I NEEEEED!!!! cuz now I want one so so bad!! lol

  12. I know this is SUPER old but I was browsing Pinterest and saw this…followed to blog and I was looking at teal bags yesterday…idk if you’re looking for this exact bag but I saw this color one and thought it was very similar…

    • Wow thanks so much. The colour looks nearly the same. I have a Marc Jacobs in this style but I’m going to take a closer look at this one. Thanks so much!

  13. I too came across this bag and instantly wanted it. Has anyone had any luck finding it?

    • This has been the most elusive bag ever I’ve found every colour in this style but this one.

      • Ok, so I’m LATE!!! Love this bag, where was it found?? I don’t even care abt the color, the style is perfect for me though. HELP please

      • Hi and welcome to my blog. This is a coach bag from about 4 years ago, and right now I truly forget the name. This colour was a limited edition, but I did find other beautiful colours on eBay.

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