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The Georgetown Experience…

In Daily Musings on April 16, 2012 at 11:27 am


I wanted this dress, but of course, they were sold out and would not remove this one from the window, which was my size...

Happy Monday dahhlings, I hope you had a beautiful and fabulous weekend.

After a really crazy day on Saturday, I decided to be spontaneous and venture down to Georgetown in Washington, DC, with its chic stores and cobbled streets (side bar – never ever go into Georgetown in clog heeled sandals).  Going into Georgetown is always a harrowing experience, hence why I hardly go down there.  Georgetown was fun and a mistake at the same time.  It was great because I got to visit some of my favourite stores,  Anthropologie, Zara, Cusp and Hu’s Shoes among others, and do a little shopping; now here’s the downside; Georgetown’s crowded cobbled streets are not meant for heels of any kind, it is strictly a flat shoe kind of town. 

Those same cobbled streets will cause your feet to start screaming and you’ll also be spending most of your time conducting a high wire balancing act on those cobble stones.  On top of all of that, there were what appeared to be thousands of people, most of them college kids on spring break, and then there was the awful traffic with drivers trying their absolute best to run you over.  If you’re going into Georgetown to shop, you’ve got to go early and be out of there by noon (remember this was a spontaneous decision on my part).  You’ll also find that Georgetown is like a black hole, it’s a hassle getting down there (no metro and driving is a nightmare, your only sane option is busing it, the Circulator is best); and definitely hard to get out of (can I get a bloody taxi please!!!).

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend, I certainly did, minus the trek to Georgetown.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous, there was no need to stay in.  It appears we’re going to have this weather until at least Wednesday.  We’ll see what mother nature decides to throw our way after that.

Wishing you a fabulous and glorious week!

  1. I love that yellow Anthropologie dress! It’s perfect for the upcoming Spring and Summer seasons of bright! It was great to “tweet” you tonight on the #BlogTrends chat!

    • Hi darling, thanks so much for visiting. It was great tweeting with you too. So nice to have met you. I love that yellow dress too!

  2. did you track this bag down ? its soooo gorg!!!! i have to have it!

  3. Did you find that beautiful bag?

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