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Faithful Mondays…

In Daily Musings on June 18, 2012 at 11:21 am

Good morning darlings! This Monday is a bit of a dreary one, with drizzling rain here in DC; after 2 glorious days of sunshine.  Above are your tasks for this week.  Let’s try (myself included) to apply some, if not all of them to our lives.  Read through it pick out the ones that really speak to you and apply them.  I’m sure we’ll all feel better for it.  Have yourselves a positive, blessed and productive week. 

Also, make sure to tune in to Maylana’s Closet on Wednesday, I have  a little something in store for you… You don’t want to miss it!

Happy Monday Dahhlings!

This captures exactly how I’m feeling this Monday morning!

  1. Such a lovely poster, hope your Monday was fantastic! 🙂

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