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Autumn Transitions…

In Daily Musings on October 23, 2012 at 12:10 pm

After the extremely hot and humid summer we had {100+ degrees, 20 straight days} I’m actually glad Autumn is finally here, with temperatures ranging between 65 and 75 degrees.  The mornings are now chilly {at least between 35 and 50 degrees} so you now have to dress in layers; but by mid morning/afternoon, its blue skies and gorgeous temperatures.

Here are some of my suggestions for key autumn transition pieces. I know you must have some variation of these looks in your closet.

Purple!! One my absolutely favourite colours. And yes, I will be creating hats similar to this one… Love It!!!

My best purchase of the season ~ Zara Studio Coat which is now sold out

The Maylana’s Closet “Grand” Cowl ~ 85% Wool, 15% Alpaca ~ More colours on the way!

Always have a pop of colour!

oversized sweaters, cowls and extra long scarves are must haves!

Very much in love with these Steve Madden “Fraankie” Boots ~ For $150 they’re a great purchase, compared to others. ~click to buy ~

This is is going to be an ongoing post, I will be posting more ideas for your fall/winter wardrobe, as well as posting some of my own key pieces.

  1. Reblogged this on shafiqah1 and commented:
    #a perfect outfit, I have similar items to everything shown, good idea 😉

  2. Fall is my favourite season of the year! I love that it’s ‘cold’ ehough for you to have to wear a coat (and yes anything below 75 is cold for me 😉 but not soo cold that you have to be in 100 layers! I LOVE the Zara coat and the orange one as well. And that cowl from Maylana’s is fab!!

    • Hi there! T

      I feel the same way about fall. Summer used to be my fav, but the last 3 have been brutal so I now prefer autumn. I’m in love with that Zara coat, but I’m hoping to catch it in the sale it’s $700!!! More cowls being created as we speak. I’ll post once I’m finished.

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