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“A Coward’s Dream” ~ An Indie To See!!

In Daily Musings on December 4, 2012 at 8:36 am

A coward's dream 2

About a month ago, I was honoured to be invited to the premiere screening of the independent movie “A Cowards Dream”.  A moving docudrama about how domestic violence starts and unfortunately ends. This gem of a movie was written, produced and directed by Dysco SwagisBack Jackson {don’t you just love that pen name} and Cellus Davis. This well crafted movie was created on a small budget with love, insight, and taste.

The movie follows Tina and Mark and how their perfect relationship suddenly turns into a horror movie. It shows how easily domestic violence starts and why so many women {and men} never report their abuse.

This could have been a dark feature because of the subject matter, but with great taste, humour was gently interjected to lighten the mood. Without giving the plot away, you will never look at whipped cream the same again; those who have seen the movie, know exactly what I’m talking about. Kudos to the actors who literally donated their talent to help make this movie happen.

Due to really high demand, there will now be a second showing of “A Coward’s Way” being shown on Thursday, December 6, at the Magic Johnson Theaters, 800 Shoppers Way, Largo, Maryland 20774.  You can purchase tickets here.  This will be the final screening for this highly praised and powerful movie.

This issue is close to the heart of Dysco; due to the tragic event of a family member, he is petitioning for Domestic Violence Month to be moved from October to May.  Because October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is another very important issue, Domestic Violence Month is being overshadowed.  It would be great if we could all help him make this move happen.  Dysco needs 25,000 signatures just to get started, we can do this!!!  Domestic Violence is a huge issue here in the United States.  To learn more on how to help click here

Dysco & Cellus deserve to be on their way to the Sundance film festival, lets help get them there. If you see no other indie this year {which is nearly over}, go and see this one, you’ll be glad you did, don’t just hear about it, BE THERE TO SUPPORT THEM!!