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Wednesday Musings…

In Daily Musings on January 9, 2013 at 4:15 pm

Pink Prada


Happy Wednesday Dahlings! I’m taking a short break from crocheting hats, my fingers are a little sore; I truly deserve this little rest {maybe it’s time for a cocktail!}. I’ll be back to business later on this evening or  tomorrow.  I hope you’re enjoying your Wednesday; we’re half way to the week being over, and I’m 6 days away from flying through the air to London.


My posts will be brief for the next few days, until my day of departure; after that you’ll be reading all the fabulous details of my trip, which will be titled “The London Diaries“{at least that’s the working title today :-)}. Stay tuned!


  1. hey, hey! I am so happy it’s Wednesday, I’m counting down the days / hours til 5pm Friday=weekend! I’m SO excited about your London trip, and can’t wait to read all about it…I’d love to see all your crochet hard work :)!

    Oh, and it’s always time for cocktails 🙂


    • Hi Darling! You’re right it’s always time for a cocktail. You can normally see my items in my Etsy store, but I’ve been selling them so fast, there has been no time to even list them. I will be posting new items soon.

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