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Much Ado About Nothing… No Snow!

In Daily Musings on March 7, 2013 at 10:56 am

Maylana's Closet

Well the 8-12″ of snow never showed up.  What we did get was sleet mixed with freezing rain and a dusting of snow early yesterday morning.  It was quite interesting and fun to listen to the  various weather men {or are they weather persons?) create excuses as to why it didn’t happen.

Oh well I had a lovely day; Skyping with my sister in London, and doing all the lovely indulgent things I said I was going to do.  It’s Thursday, so we’ve nearly reached the weekend; therefore, I’ve got things to do, and an empire to run! 🙂

Have yourselves a Fabulous and Amazing day!

Love ~ Light ~ Passion


  1. My area was suppose to get 3-5″ of snow and we just got a lot of wind and some rain yesterday!

    Thank you and you have an amazing day as well!

  2. Hi Jo:

    Well I hope you enjoyed a lovely non-snow day. Thanks so much for visiting and have yourself an amazing day too!

  3. Don’t believe the hype. I’m in New Jersey and here too there hasn’t been anything much. Personally I think we have damaged the environment to a degree that prevents real weather prediction

  4. Lovely picture by the way

  5. No snow? What a disappointment!

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