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In Daily Musings on June 17, 2013 at 11:45 am

Remind Myself

Happy Monday Guys & Dolls!  I hope you had a gorgeous weekend.  Once again, we had amazing weather here in DC, but it seems that a lot of people I spoke with had rain.  At one point I wondered if I was in the Twilight Zone!

I took a wander around a couple of stores, while I was killing time for my dental appointment on Saturday.  If you love the Gap like I do, you’ll love these flat sandals, and dusty pink moccasins, for when you’re running around town, and your 4″ heels just won’t do!

The sandals were $39.99 and the moccasins were on sale for $27.99 which I thought was a great deal. Both items were made from good quality leather, which made them an even better deal.

A new Nordstrom Rack has opened up where Barnes & Noble used to be on 18 & L {miss that store, I love book stores, which are  quickly becoming a dying breed}.  I loved these Ferragamo sandals, again on the low side, but still very elegant with their ankle strap.  Personally, I think ankle straps makes the legs look sexier, whether it’s a flat or high heeled shoe.

These were retailing for $239 down from $450!

When you’re having a red carpet moment, here’s this sequined Bagley Mischka dress {which was quite heavy} retailing on the sale rack for $650 down from $2500 {there were many reductions before the $650 price tag}.

Bagley Mischka dress

If you’re wondering about the quote above, it’s because I love being different, I love who I am, and would never want to be anyone else.  The words above, remind me to always stay true to myself.  Today is the start of new beginnings and abundance.  Remember… “You are what you think“.  Wishing you a Beautiful, Fantastic and Absolutely Positive week!

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  1. Love this quote!!! As I’ve gotten older, I find myself applying it even more!!

    Great day!!


    🌺”Faith is simply knowing God.”

    Faith is…..the evidence of things not seen. 🌻

    🌸”Faith comeths by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”

    • Hi Darling! I think where we are in our lives as we’ve gotten more mature, we know exactly who we are. We know now that we do not have to do what everyone else is doing!

  2. love the moccasins and Ferragamo sandals!

  3. Hi there thanks for letting me know. This is an old post from 2013 a blog I know longer blog on. I’ll try to get into account

  4. Hello This is an old post from 2013 on a
    Blog I no longer utilize. I may have found the quote/image on Pinterest. I’ve not logged into this account in some time so will figure that out and delete the image.

  5. The “Sometimes” quote above which was found randomly on Pinterest was apparently created by Fatima Kathrada – who has reached out to me. Giving proper crediting according to Common Image usage rules. Thank you.

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