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Jamaica Celebrates her 51st Birthday…

In Musings While On Hiatus on August 6, 2013 at 10:14 am

Jamaican flag butterfly, Jamaica, Butterfly, #Jamaica, #Jamaicanindependence #JA

Happy Birthday Jamaica! Celebrating your 51st independence day.  I’m proud to be a British born Jamaican! One Love

Learn more about Jamaica here.

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  1. Yayy! Thank you for writing about my country!!! I’m about to post my mani tribute just now too.

    • You’re welcome! The country of my parents!

      • We went to Jamaica on holiday about eight years ago and had a fabulous two weeks with wonderful Jamaican hospitality, entertainment and a great guide who took us on various trips where we witnessed awesome sights and wonderful experiences that I will never forget. Our daughter was only four years old at the time, and she does remember some things about the holiday, but I do know she had a great time. We stayed in Ocho Rios, climbed Dunn River Falls, swam with Dolphins and visited the home of Bob Marley. Awesome!!!!

      • It sounds like you had an awesome time and visited all the right places. I’m hoping to treat myself to a mini vacation there in the very near future.

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