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Lingerie, Maylana's Closet #maylanascloset #lingerie

Here’s one of my favourite posts, which generated a lot of great feedback/emails when it was first posted last year.  I’m looking forward to coming back in September.  I hope you’ve had yourselves the most amazing and interesting summer. I know I have!

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OK ladies… lets talk about bras or more appropriately the Brassiere!  And while we’re at it, lets just talk about underthings period! Ladies do you really pay attention to the brassiere you’re wearing? or do you just throw any old one on and forget about it?  This post is not about bra size, or how to buy a good fitting bra, or the right support, etc., that has been covered a million times.  You can walk into any department store and be fitted correctly for a brassiere (I just love that word!).  This post is about wearing gorgeous sexy lingerie on a regular basis; sexy is not just for bedroom antics. 

Maylana's Closet, Lingerie #maylanascloset

For those of you who have to conform to some corporate  ideal of dressing by wearing a suit everyday; wouldn’t it be nice to have a sexy piece of lingerie underneath that suit? Whether it’s a lacy black thong and matching bra, a dominatrix bustier or a waist slimming corset, to me that’s one of the nicest things you could ever do for yourself.  Think about it, you’re sitting in that boring 2 hour meeting discussing charts and graphs drinking cold tea/coffee, and you’re thinking “if only they knew what a diva there is underneath all this!”

#maylanascloset #lingerie #wordpress #blog #sexy

In my personal opinion, I think we should wear really nice underwear just for us, Every Day!  I know it’s not everyday that you may want to, although, I think you should make the effort.  I know you certainly won’t want to wear your nicest things on “Those” days, but believe me; if you make the effort you’ll feel so much better for it.  I’m all about making myself feel good all the time.  Let’s face it, who’s going to make you feel like a queen 24/7? Yes you may have a boyfriend/husband/significant other, but I’m not talking about that, I’m talking about doing nice things for yourself, often, not always depending upon someone else (though nice) to always give you that daily boost. My motto is Embrace Yourself and Live Out Loud!

#maylanascloset, Maylana's Closet, Lingerie, Underwear, #underwear #lingerie

Victoria’s Secret is NOT the only place to buy lingerie; they’re not my store of choice to buy really well made under- pinnings.  It’s been my experience that their product does not have a long life span.  It’s time to expand your horizons ladies! Agent Provocateur, ID Sarrier, Christian Dior, Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney, La Perla, just to name a few (I really could go on).  Do something nice for yourself, you don’t have to keep wearing the same raggedy bra and panties that are so comfy you wear them for years on end.  Treat yourself to a few seductive lacy things, and wear them at least 3 days a week (everyday is better), believe me it’ll make you feel extra special.  Yes, good lingerie is expensive, but aren’t you worth it?

#maylanascloset #lingerie #wordpress #blog #sexy

Please note:  It was really difficult to find lingerie images which were tastefully photographed.  Everything I looked at verged on porn. Of the hundreds I looked at these made the cut and , there’s still a touch of sleaze.  I’m a very open-minded person, but it’s important that the images on my blog remain tasteful.  What I found interesting during my search, was that the images of black women in lingerie were the worse (straight porn), why is that?  And who exactly are these companies marketing to with the legs wide open pose?  If you do come across any fabulous and tasteful images; send them my way to:; I would be delighted to post them in a future blog post.

Maylana's Closet, Lingerie #maylanascloset

 Remember ladies, sexy never takes a day off!

Maylana's Closet, Lingerie #maylanascloset #lingerie

Follow the links to some of the most beautiful and gorgeous lingerie.


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