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My Latest Addiction…

In Daily Musings, New Loves! on June 14, 2012 at 11:52 am


OMG… who created these things?  My latest addiction is Newton’s Fruit Thins, created by Nabisco, those wonderful people who brought us Fig Newtons.  Now I know some people hate Fig Newtons, but I love them.  Newtons Fruit Thins are these crispy biscuits (cookies in the U.S) that have just the right amount of sweet and a satisfying crunch to them.  I’m loving the Fig and Honey flavour.  You really and truly can’t eat just one.

I came across these goodies at my local supermarket this past weekend, and decided to give them a try. Well… I started out with 2, then had 2 more, then had…. I’ll never tell.  Give them a try, if you like whole wheat biscuits you’ll love these.  I haven’t yet tried the other flavors; which are Blueberry/ Brown Sugar or Cranberry Citrus Oat.  I’m not sure how many variations there are, but they are certainly delicious.

 Happy Thursday, we’re nearly there!

Disclaimer: Author has not been compensated regarding the review of this product, this is her personal opinion.  If  a representative of Nabisco ever reads my blog, please feel free to send a case of the fig/honey flavour 🙂