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To Be Adorned With Decadorn…

In Daily Musings, New Loves! on August 30, 2012 at 12:14 pm

A couple of months ago, my sister sent me a beautiful image of a amethyst ring she had just purchased back home in London; what was ironic was that I had bought a very similar ring here in the U.S., maybe 6 months before; talk about having the exact same tastes.

Decadorn Jewelry is the vision of Helen Bailey, who graduated from Nottingham Trent University, with a degree in Textile Design.  Her online bazaar sells unique and striking statement jewelery.  Before starting her own company, Helen worked as a high street Fashion & Accessories Buyer for over 10 years; and therefore has an amazing and experienced eye for detail.

Each piece is absolutely stunning, consisting of mostly Agate, Amethyst and Crystal Quartz {among other semi precious crystals}.  Helen also creates beautiful beaded bracelets of various metals, which are inlaid within a leather cord.  For such beautiful jewelry, her prices are absolutely fantastic!  I’m hoping to have my own fingers and neck adorned with Decadorn in the near future.

Visit her beautiful online boutique at:

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I Love My Star Sign…

In New Loves! on January 27, 2012 at 1:31 pm

For those of  you who know me, you know I love big statement rings. My rose quartz ring is always a conversation starter and I treasure it dearly (see pic below).  After browsing through my absolute  favourite shopping site, Etsy, I came across this fabulous Aquarius statement ring. I love being an Aquarian, we’re quirky, artistic, kind, moody, forgiving, a whole bunch of wonderful things! The quote by the sellar regarding this ring was perfect… “You know when you’re at a swinging party and some slick stud sidles up with the old school classic, ‘what’s your sign”‘ As far as I’m concerned this ring is perfect for addressing this question with a elegant flash of the hand! For those of you wanting to make your own statement, there are other sign rings, as well as other beautiful and original accessories at LarkinandLarkin at

My Beautiful Rose Quartz Ring - Bracelet post coming soon!