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Monday Musings…

In Daily Musings on March 18, 2013 at 1:18 pm

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Hi Dahhlings… Here we are again, another Monday, even though it’s trying to snow here, it’s still a beautiful day.¬† I’m feeling so much better after my sluggish week last week; my body has finally caught up to the Daylight Savings Time change ūüôā

I had a great weekend; I created a¬†couple of my flower¬†hats in spring/easter colours, as well as sorting and organizing myself, both mentally and physically.¬† It was a recalibration of sorts!¬† I’m still reading “The Secret” which has been a fantastic source of inspiration for me.¬† As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, this is my second time reading it, which has been much more fulfilling then the first time around.¬† I’m coming to the end and I plan to re-read it all over again!


Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type

Last week I received¬†my copy of Eat Right 4 Your¬†Type, a book which was first published in 1997 by Dr. Peter J.D’Adamo.¬† The premise of the book is that due to our individual¬†blood types, there are certain foods which are not conducive to our overall health and well-being.

My sister has been on this lifestyle food plan for approximately 6 years, and it truly has done wonders for her, she is testament to me, that it actually works.

The book explains the reasons why certain foods are not good for us, and guides you through the process of eliminating them. ¬†to learn more, click here.¬† I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.¬† Click on the image or¬†red link above¬†to be taken to the Amazon website to order yours.

Have yourselves a Creative, Positive and Amazing week!

Love ~ Light ~ Passion

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Girl In Translation…

In Daily Musings on February 10, 2012 at 10:23 am

By Jean Kwok.¬† This is my fluff piece for today, as I’m on deadline for a project. See you later darlings!

Girl In Translation was a¬† book I finished last month, and I decided it was good enough to let you know about it.¬† To me it was a really good book, it had me from the first couple of pages.¬† It’s more in the chick lit genre, a quick and easy read, but yet will keep you wanting to know what happens next.¬† ¬†The little girl, Kimberly Chang,¬†who is the main character was a very strong individual for her age, and had to learn quickly how to survive, and protect herself and her mother on the streets¬†of Brooklyn and Manhattan¬†after they emigrated from Hong Kong to America, while barely speaking english.¬† No one should live in the circumstances they found themselves in (read the book!).

¬†As for the aunt in the story… I don’t want to spoil it for you, but she was a piece of work! I will say that the story does fast forward very quickly from Kimberly being 16 to an adult and how her life eventually turned out.¬† I¬†felt¬†it left¬† out part of her life story.¬† The adult Kimberly¬†came¬†in the form of an epilogue, but other than that if you’re looking for a quick read, this is it!¬†¬†¬†Happy Friday… Smooches!

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