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No Super Bowl XLVIII Here!!!

In Weekend Chronicles on February 2, 2014 at 6:30 pm
Bathroom 8 - this

What I’ll be doing during Super Bowl

I’m really not into the Super Bowl, every news, and talk show program this past week has made a reference or dedicated an entire show to this event. The only thing about the Super Bowl that entertains me, are the commercials, and to see which player is more handsome than the other, for me that’s the full extent of the Super Bowl.  So this evening is going to be a night of pampering, book reading, journal writing, watching Downton Abby and catching up on all those shows that have been sitting in my DVR since last year.

Susie Larson Blessings For The Evening #maylanaschronicles Maylana's Chronicles

I was given a gift at Christmas, of this beautiful little book, which I’m reading right now; it’s Susie Larson’s “Blessing’s for the Evening.  This is such an elegant little book, which is quite heavy for its size, with a beautiful padded cover, complete with gorgeous photography and inspirational quotes to help you wind down your evening on a positive note.  The premise is to read a devotional each night, but it’s so beautifully written,  and feels so lovely in your hands, you can’t help but read a few pages at a time.  You can see Susie’s beautiful quotes on Pinterest.


Blessings for the evening quote


For those of you who are football fans… Enjoy! May your team win! I’ll be sipping a glass of red.




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Afro & Bass…

In Daily Musings, New Loves! on March 13, 2012 at 9:44 am

Esperanza Spalding‘s new deluxe  album “Radio Music Society” drops next Tuesday on March 20.  This is a 2 disc set (which I will purchase on iTunes or Amazon, as I don’t buy physical cd’s anymore).  I was able to listen to a  preview of the entire album on NPR (see link below).  This album is a  fusion of jazz, pop and soul  music, which showcases jazz musicians in an accessible manner suitable for mainstream radio, it’s a little different from “Esperanza” her second studio album, but brilliant in my opinion.  for me every track stands out on its own. The track “Land Of The Free” is particularly moving in it’s telling of the injustices in America, you have to listen to the lyrics for yourself to understand what I mean.  Each of the 12 songs are accompanied by a series of conceptual short films, which are on the second disc.  For the  iTunes/Amazon fanatic you will receive this as a digital download.

It is actually quite difficult to pick a favourite, as all of the songs on the album have some meaning.  This is not your everyday, empty, saccarine infused album, far from it.    There really isn’t one bad track on here, “Crowned & Kissed “, “Let Her“, “Endangered Species“, “Cinnamon Tree“, “Black Gold“… I could go on here.   This is an album you can just press play and leave it to do the rest.

Esperanza does an excellent interpretation of “I Can’t Help It“, with her beautiful voice, she truly puts her own spin on this classic favourite and does a very good job of it. 

The official trailer, watch here:

You can listen to the album, in its entirety here:

The Woman and her Bass


Girl In Translation…

In Daily Musings on February 10, 2012 at 10:23 am

By Jean Kwok This is my fluff piece for today, as I’m on deadline for a project. See you later darlings!

Girl In Translation was a  book I finished last month, and I decided it was good enough to let you know about it.  To me it was a really good book, it had me from the first couple of pages.  It’s more in the chick lit genre, a quick and easy read, but yet will keep you wanting to know what happens next.   The little girl, Kimberly Chang, who is the main character was a very strong individual for her age, and had to learn quickly how to survive, and protect herself and her mother on the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan after they emigrated from Hong Kong to America, while barely speaking english.  No one should live in the circumstances they found themselves in (read the book!).

 As for the aunt in the story… I don’t want to spoil it for you, but she was a piece of work! I will say that the story does fast forward very quickly from Kimberly being 16 to an adult and how her life eventually turned out.  I felt it left  out part of her life story.  The adult Kimberly came in the form of an epilogue, but other than that if you’re looking for a quick read, this is it!   Happy Friday… Smooches!

Available at

Where’s My Birkin??

In Maylana's Dream List on February 6, 2012 at 11:48 am

The ultimate bag of all handbags for me would be a Hermes Birkin bag.  This is the dream handbag that every fashionista worth her salt wants to own. These bags start at approximately  $9,000 and keep going up and up and up!!  The elusive Birkin bag is so sought after as a status symbol by women worldwide that the French fashion house supposedly has a two-year waiting list for potential owners… The bag I’d love to own is the Birkin ostrich skin bag, which runs about $45,000,  yes I said $45,000!!! There’s actually a book “Bringing Home The Birkin by Michael Tonello, available at, telling you how to bypass the 2 year waiting list  and the fun he had tracking down this elusive bag. 

 The Birkin bag is truly serious business.  Since this bag is nowhere  in my budget right now or in the very near future, I’m going to have to settle for this…

It's True!!

 The Birkin is obviously my ultimate dream list item, hey a woman can daydream can’t she?  It’s on my Diva List of overly expensive items I’m allowed to dream about. You should have a dream list too. On this list you can add any  number of wonderful things you’d like to own or do. and then create a bucket list of all the things you’d like to eventually accomplish. Dream of absolutely anything you want. Put it in your journal, write it down, you never know, you may hit the lottery.  When I make/win my first million, in this life time or the next (probably the next) I plan to have my own Birkin.   Happy Monday darlings!