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Walking in Fringed Leather…

In Daily Chronicles, Maylana's Dream List on October 7, 2014 at 5:25 pm

Zara Leather Poncho

This Zara fringed leather poncho needs no explanation… It is GORGEOUS!! It is EVERYTHING!!! I’m hoping it’s still available during the big Zara sale, but somehow I doubt it!  Available at ~ $249.00

Zara Leather Poncho


Zara Leather Poncho



A Bentley Passion…

In Daily Musings, Maylana's Dream List on June 29, 2012 at 11:40 am

As promised, today is my first Objects of Desire posting.  Objects of Desire is anything I would love to have if money were no object.  Objects of Desire will be featured on the last Friday of every month.  Objects could be anything my little heart desires.  It’s my ultimate wish list.  To start things off, my first feature is this 2012 passion pink Bentley Continental GT Coupe, whose sale proceeds, will benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

This beauty would be my way to ride around South Beach/Biscayne Bay, Miami (one of my all time favourite places) in true Maylana style, while supporting a very worthy cause at the same time.

 Stay tuned to see what I come up with for next’s months Object’s of Desire

The temperatures for the next 8 days will be a soaring 100 degrees in Washington, DC!!  Stay Cool, Stay Chic, Stay Hydrated!!

Have a fantastic weekend Dahhlings!!


Oh Chanel….

In Daily Musings, Maylana's Dream List on May 17, 2012 at 9:13 pm


I just found this gorgeous open-backed Chanel gown on Pinterest, and just had to post. It looks like an intricately beaded tattoo across your back. This dress commands attention! Only Chanel. Love it.

Girl About Town…

In Daily Musings, Maylana's Dream List, New Loves! on April 24, 2012 at 10:10 am

I was out and about this weekend picking up a few things.  I  had to replace my MAC Studio Fix, I was down to the scrapings (not a good thing) I just haven’t had time to replace it sooner.  Studio fix is my go to product for daily use. If I want more coverage, I apply a little Bobbi Brown stick foundation in Warm Almond underneath and that gives me the complete coverage I’m sometimes looking for.   While I was at it, I picked up my MAC lipstick in Voice with Cork lip liner. I use this combo for a more natural look when I don’t want to go “POW” with the Tom Ford Cherry Lush.  A nude lip works every time.

I took a little wander into the Saks shoe department (why did I do that?) and found these little beauties; I’m just coveting these lettered Louboutins right now!

Then of course there were these beautiful Reed Krakoff sandals.  Everything this man touches turns out gorgeous (look how he turned Coach around!).  His own line of clothing and accessories is simply stunning. I’ll feature Reed Krakoff’s designs in a later post.


On my way out of Saks I came across this little number. Very Missoni inspired in my opinion.  This is a very easy to wear dress; dress it up with high wedges or create a more casual look with thong flat sandals, it all depends upon  you’re mood that day.

I finally saw my Gucci Fiat 500, how I looooove this car! the dude who owned this vehicle, just had it imported from Italy, apparently they have stopped production as it was a limited edition.  He is obviously a Gucci fanatic, because he was in head to toe Gucci,sunglasses,  jewelry, jeans, shoes; hey whatever floats your boat!

So that’s pretty much my wants from head to toe (and car); now to crack open the piggy bank and see what’s in there!

Have a beautiful day… kisses!

No Introduction Neccessary…

In Daily Musings, Maylana's Dream List, New Loves! on April 20, 2012 at 9:42 am

For these exquisite Tom Ford  sandals!  What more can I really say about these, other to drool over 5″ of beautiful heel!  I’ll just let them speak for themselves, while I obsess over the purple ones above.  From Mr. Ford’s  S/S 2012 collection, the only thing to ask yourself is which pair? Remember they’re going to cost you a month’s rent, so choose wisely! 🙂

Available at Tom Ford – 845 Madison Avenue (near 70th Street), New York, NY 10021

Happy Friday Dahhlings!  Have a fabulous, blessed and glorious weekend!!

Chloe, Diane & White…

In Daily Musings, Maylana's Dream List on April 3, 2012 at 11:20 am

I just love these Chloe dresses! They look so light and airy and extremely fabulous with their fine accordion pleats.  I think you’d look stylishly cool attending a outdoor summer wedding reception in one of these.  I wonder if Zara or more likely BCBG Max Azaria will recreate a similar dress?  These two among others tend to copy straight from the runway, or maybe it’ll show up next year at the Chloe outlet in Woodbury Commons, NY, that will be the only way I’m getting one.

Diane von Furestenberg S/S 2012

If you’re looking for something nice and crisp to wear while out meeting your best friend for brunch at Bouchon Bakery in New York, one glorious spring Sunday, you can never ever go wrong in this beautiful white Diane Von Furstenberg dress.  Diane’s iconic wrap dresses are forever classic.  Similar styles are available at Zara’s, Topshop, H&M and the like, if you’re trying not to break the bank.

 Note: Because I’m not from the U.S., the  whole not wearing white before memorial day doesn’t apply to me,  who created that law?  I’ve read the history, but as far as I’m concerned it doesn’t apply.  Live dangerously, wear white whenever you like!  Always remember, a Diva sets her own rules, she never ever follows!

Take my quick poll and let me know what you think!











Kanye’s Kicks…

In Daily Musings, Maylana's Dream List, New Loves! on March 5, 2012 at 10:46 am

Yes ladies, Kanye West has teamed up with Giuseppe Zanotti, to create these beyond gorgeous shoes. Covered in an extravagant array of embroidered pearls, with calf velvet leather, they truly are the ultimate luxury.  These beauties will be part of his DONDA Line, his new design venture named after his late mother. The little darlings are selling exclusively through French retailer Colette for $5,800… Yes I said $5,800!!! I’ll take 2 pairs after I go to the bank to take out a mortgage.  I’m sure my bank manager will approve.  A girl can dream can’t she?

They should be entered into the Diva Shoe Hall of Fame and will definitely go onto the Maylana’s Dream List.

I’m Just Loving…

In Daily Musings, Maylana's Dream List, New Loves! on February 22, 2012 at 10:07 am

This beautiful card my sister sent to me, congratulating me on starting my blog:

From the Fabulous Al, Thanks Luv! Yes we ONLY drink Champagne!

These fabulous Shades:

I think these are going to be my new summer shades, put the Pradas to rest for a while. Very 70's retro.

Yesterday, I treated myself to a new Mac Lipstick, called MAC Red, I’m into movie star reds right now and loving this one. I’m using it with MAC lipliner in Brick.  Retiring Ruby Woo for a minute. I’ll take a pic soon and let you see what it looks like.  It’s fabulous Dahhlings!

Such a fabulous colour!! Beware! Red lipstick is not for the faint of heart!!! Only the confident need apply!

This is going to be my next red lipstick, oh yes it is!!!

Tom Ford Lipstick in Cherry Lush - $45

These patent leather Louboutins.  Oh a girl must have her Louboutins!

Beautiful Louboutins

The new Chloe fragrance – L’Eau De Chloe

I quite like this. A perfect Spring fragrance - Made with 22 percent natural rose water. This could become a classic.

The colour of this Chanel bag:

Gorgeous!! Another "Dream List" item


Where’s My Birkin??

In Maylana's Dream List on February 6, 2012 at 11:48 am

The ultimate bag of all handbags for me would be a Hermes Birkin bag.  This is the dream handbag that every fashionista worth her salt wants to own. These bags start at approximately  $9,000 and keep going up and up and up!!  The elusive Birkin bag is so sought after as a status symbol by women worldwide that the French fashion house supposedly has a two-year waiting list for potential owners… The bag I’d love to own is the Birkin ostrich skin bag, which runs about $45,000,  yes I said $45,000!!! There’s actually a book “Bringing Home The Birkin by Michael Tonello, available at, telling you how to bypass the 2 year waiting list  and the fun he had tracking down this elusive bag. 

 The Birkin bag is truly serious business.  Since this bag is nowhere  in my budget right now or in the very near future, I’m going to have to settle for this…

It's True!!

 The Birkin is obviously my ultimate dream list item, hey a woman can daydream can’t she?  It’s on my Diva List of overly expensive items I’m allowed to dream about. You should have a dream list too. On this list you can add any  number of wonderful things you’d like to own or do. and then create a bucket list of all the things you’d like to eventually accomplish. Dream of absolutely anything you want. Put it in your journal, write it down, you never know, you may hit the lottery.  When I make/win my first million, in this life time or the next (probably the next) I plan to have my own Birkin.   Happy Monday darlings!