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Friday Ramblings…

In Daily Musings on December 7, 2012 at 3:03 pm

Chanel Flower Sweater dress

I love love this Chanel floral sweater dress.¬† I’m not sure if it’s from last season or this one {if you find out, please let me know}, but it’s simply gorgeous!!! This dress truly cheered me up today; Chanel always does ūüėČ

Warning! This post will be a mish mash of thoughts, images and inspiration.

Thought For The Day ~ It’s been a tough long week, decisions had to be made in order for peace of mind to be had.¬† Always remember to never ever sell yourself short.¬† There is not enough money on earth for you to sacrifice your self-respect.¬† Always go with what you are truly feeling. Short changing yourself pays you nothing!


Working my fingers to complete¬†hats, cowls and scarves… Stay tuned.


I posted this image, not because of the model {though she is attractive}, but to me it’s¬†a perfect¬†black and white photograph. ¬†Add a¬†Burberry trench, and¬† a Birkin bag… Classic! For me this photo screams¬†Chic!

Art by Donald Brun

I found this lovely piece of art by Donald Brun on my Tumblr blog ~ See what inspires me ‚Äėhere‚Äô

marc jacobs2Totally in love with this Marc Jacobs Camille Satchel, which appears to be sold out everywhere, even eBay!

Liz Taylor

Love this quote, it’s always a good idea!

¬†Maylana’s Closet wishes you a Fabulous, Inspiring, and Self Loving Weekend!

And remember…

God's Voice



Book Clutches To Behold…

In Daily Musings on October 10, 2012 at 10:29 am

Do you want everyone to know you’re an elegant¬†book-worm? If you’re like me, you always have a book in your bag {though¬†some prefer Kindles or¬†Nooks, I still prefer paper}; well you can with these beautiful quirky reinterpretations of hardcover literary classics; recreated as book clutches by Parisian designer, Olympia Le-Tan.¬† Chanel and Kate Spade also have their own versions {I love the Chanel one above}.¬† For those of us who’ve been around a while, we know¬†this trend is not new.

I remember the Vogue magazine clutches of the 80’s, glossy elongated envelopes created with classic Vogue covers.¬† I wish I¬†had one now! These unique treasures have lately been seen on the red carpet of various events.¬† The clutches are retailing between $1120 ‚Äď $1420. What I do¬†love about the Olympia Le-Tan clutches is that they are lined in beautiful Liberty of London fabric.

It appears the¬† Olympia Le-Tan clutches, which appeared around 2009¬†are becoming collectors¬†items,¬†because¬†the more popular titles have become hard to come by, and of course¬†are selling on eBay at ridiculous prices.¬† If you are DIY inclined (the route I would go!), here is a link by Scibbit which shows you step by step how to create your own book clutch for a fraction of the price. click here;¬†and here’s another tutorial from the Huffington Post; creating a clutch from an actual book. click here

To view the lovely Olympia Le-Tan collection click here

Chanel’s Fashion Night Duo…

In Daily Musings, New Loves! on September 5, 2012 at 7:03 am

UPDATE: 9.5.12 ~¬†The La Provocante lipstick is already sold out on the Chanel website¬†ūüė¶ I’ll keep you posted!

As everyone knows Thursday, September 6, marks the nationwide style event entitled, Fashion Night Out {FNO}.  To all my followers overseas, FNO is a nationwide event, where every style maven, fashion editor, blogger, and chic shopaholic dressed to the nines, will be sipping cocktails, watching fashion shows, and makeup demonstrations, grabbing goodie bags, and of course shopping at the various participating stores.

Chanel is releasing¬†a limited-edition colour collection, called Les Twin-Sets De Chanel¬†to¬†celebrate fashion‚Äôs most exceptional evening with three chic duos for lips and nails.¬† I’m loving the nail colour Provocation and its corresponding lip colour La Provocante {above}, which is¬†a sexy Merlot coloured¬†red;¬†one of the dark sexy colours debuting¬†this season.¬† This duo is sure to bring out the seductress in you! {click on link for a surprise!}.

To view the Les Twin-Sets De Chanel collection click here.

For Fashion Night Out details, click here

Gabrielle’s Vision Of Noir…

In Daily Musings on August 9, 2012 at 12:06 pm

As some of you may already know, Chanel will be releasing Coco Noir later this month.  The original Coco which was launched in 1984 has been a huge success and is now a timeless classic.

Encased in an elegant black decanter; this gorgeous specimen with notes of grapefruit, bergamot; middle notes of rose, jasmine, narcissus and geranium leaves, and base notes of tonka beans from Brazil and Venezuela, patchouli from Indonesia, sandalwood, vanilla and incense.  As you can imagine this is going to be one heady bouquet, more suitable for late fall and winter {please ladies do not wear this scent in 90 degree weather!}.

I’m a lover of the forever¬†classic Chanel No. 5, so I will let you know my thoughts, once I’ve had a chance to¬†sample¬†this soon to be iconic scent.¬† Coco Noir will be available on August 17.

Happy Thursday Dahhlings… We’re nearly there!

Oh Chanel….

In Daily Musings, Maylana's Dream List on May 17, 2012 at 9:13 pm


I just found this gorgeous open-backed Chanel gown on Pinterest, and just had to post. It looks like an intricately beaded tattoo across your back. This dress commands attention! Only Chanel. Love it.

Day 86…

In Daily Musings on March 26, 2012 at 9:20 am

¬†Happy Monday to you! It’s was a rainy and chilly weekend, that’s what you get for¬†a freaky 85 degrees¬†in March on Friday.¬† Everyone was stripped naked, I saw some strange sights which burned my eyes!!!¬† I wonder who has a cold right now?¬† And yes, we are already 86 days into the new year!¬† Hasn’t time gone by fast?¬† Have you accomplished any of your new year resolutions or promises to yourself? So far I’m quite happy with myself, I’m a little behind, but I’m not going to be too¬†hard on myself and neither should you, after all it’s only March.¬† I did get a lot done this weekend though.¬† I started¬†my spring blossom pin collection (more colours to come), and completed¬†a couple¬†of orders for my iPad 2 case ( go to to view item).¬† Blooming Flower pins will be available¬† on the website very soon.

I’m really pleased with my 2 volume Alice Walker¬†book, which I purchased at Kramerbooks & Afterwords¬†Cafe¬†.¬† This volume contains The Colour Purple and The Temple of My Familiar, 2 books I’ve wanted to reread for some time; what better way then to read them in a beautifully¬†bound edition.

The other 2 books¬†Chanel and Model,¬†were purchased at Kultura¬†Second Hand Books & Sort of Vintage Clothing¬†(love that title).¬† I have a passion for fashion books, vintage and otherwise.¬†Kultura¬†is¬†a¬†quaint little shop where you have no idea what surprises¬†are going to be in store for you, if you love second-hand¬†book stores, you’ll love this little gem.¬†¬†I found a little surprise when I opened a book and found this very old, torn postcard inside:¬†

A lover's note

It reads: To Caulor, my fiery latin matator ami. OOH-LA-LA! Am having a most delightful time here in surf country and am never coming home.¬†¬†How romantic! at least I hope it’s romantic, that last line ” and am never coming home” could mean a couple of things, but since I’m an Aquarian, I’ll take the romantic route.


I also love Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe.¬† Kramerbooks is a store you can spend the whole day in. it’s a bookstore, restaurant and bar.¬† Really nice food¬†for Sunday brunch and has a fantastic book selection.¬† ¬†They are a little overpriced, but you can find some hard to come by titles there.¬† I grabbed the Alice Walker book for $22, which wasn’t bad, plus¬†it was the only copy, and it was mine!!!

Here's Cherkita in Kramerbooks reading "How To Be Black" I haven't researched this book, nor do I know who the target audience is, so I will withhold comment. I thought it was a great photo op. Do you get the irony?

¬†I didn’t get a chance to go down¬†to the Tidal Basin to take photos of the cherry blossoms, it was too¬† chilly for me, plus I was busy with my own crochet blossoms.¬† Only God knows what condition they’re in after the rain.¬† If the weather warms up again soon, I’d like to take a trip down there before they all disappear.¬†

Here’s my song of the day:

I love this song!!!

Listen here:

¬†I’d like to wish you¬†all a fabulous and blessed Monday, don’t get too stressed, before you know it, Friday will be here and it’ll be the weekend all over again.

Bye Dahhlings!

I’m Just Loving…

In Daily Musings, Maylana's Dream List, New Loves! on February 22, 2012 at 10:07 am

This beautiful card my sister sent to me, congratulating me on starting my blog:

From the Fabulous Al, Thanks Luv! Yes we ONLY drink Champagne!

These fabulous Shades:

I think these are going to be my new summer shades, put the Pradas to rest for a while. Very 70's retro.

Yesterday, I treated myself to a new Mac Lipstick, called MAC Red, I’m into movie star¬†reds right now and loving this one. I’m using it with MAC lipliner in Brick.¬† Retiring Ruby Woo for a minute. I’ll take a pic soon and let you see what it looks like.¬† It’s fabulous Dahhlings!

Such a fabulous colour!! Beware! Red lipstick is not for the faint of heart!!! Only the confident need apply!

This is going to be my next red lipstick, oh yes it is!!!

Tom Ford Lipstick in Cherry Lush - $45

These patent leather Louboutins.  Oh a girl must have her Louboutins!

Beautiful Louboutins

The new Chloe fragrance – L’Eau De Chloe

I quite like this. A perfect Spring fragrance - Made with 22 percent natural rose water. This could become a classic.

The colour of this Chanel bag:

Gorgeous!! Another "Dream List" item