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Maylana’s Theme…

In Daily Musings on August 8, 2012 at 10:30 am

Happy Wednesday Dahhlings. I have quite a few new followers and I want to Thank You all so much, for taking the time out to read my posts, and for your follows.  Above is a collage which gives you a small snapshot into who I am and what I do.  My day usually starts off at 6:00 a.m. with a 30-45 minute walk/run, a healthy breakfast (most days); then it’s hours of online research, finding tidbits of inspiration for my blog posts, as well as being out and about networking, and absorbing the outside world, which is one massive blog post in itself!

I also have an online store of the same name, which consists of vintage, handmade, and All Things Beautiful™ (more items coming soon).  There’s also my original boutique which is now for promotional purposes.  My company originally started with crochet accessories and now includes iPad covers (Look out for this Fall’s crochet collection).  From there, I started my blog, then I opened my online vintage store; so far it’s been an incredible ride.  I’ve met some wonderful and supportive like-minded people along the way.

Why is there a pink typewriter you ask? I have a passion for old-fashioned typewriters.  Not long ago, I was able to pick up a Remington Noiseless for $7 at a garage sale (which you can see above) and I’m now on the hunt for a pink Royale (which I’m finding out are pretty expensive on eBay!).

You’ll rarely see me without my Prada Baroque sunglasses, I love those things; they are a true statement accessory, they are ME!  Oh, and I love Peonies and Sunflowers; and of course, I always deserve new shoes!!

It was difficult to choose which collage to include, so I included them both; they’re pretty much the same with some variations.  So there you have it, a teeny tiny glimpse into the world of Maylana’s Closet.

Again, Thank You so much for following.  Have yourselves a fantastic Wednesday!  Smooches!

What Did You Do…

In Daily Musings on June 11, 2012 at 11:13 am

 This weekend?  Did you make the most of the last two days?  Did you accomplish everything you set out to do?  I hope you did.  Are you energized and ready to take on the new week?  You better be, because it’s here!!! I had a great weekend.  I spent a lot of time sourcing inventory for my new Etsy boutique   The downfall of shopping for inventory; is every gorgeous piece I find, I want to keep it for myself!

As I was writing this blog post, I received an email that I had just sold the Diane von Furstenberg dress I had listed on Etsy! My first Etsy sale!!! I wanted to pass out, I could barely concentrate on finishing this post… Wow what a feeling!

Searching for good quality vintage is a full-time job in itself.  You come across a lot of rubbish, but amongst all the garbage there are some true treasures to be found, and boy did I find them, especially on Sunday.  I love what I do, and my clients love what I do, so it makes it all worth while.  I plan to bring fantastic pieces to you on a regular basis.  In the next few months, watch out for beautiful items, that will be arriving  from Portobello Road market in London, courtesy of my sister, who is the ultimate style trendsetter in her own right.  Keep watching this blog, I’ll let you know each time I upload something new.

I love the rollers!

We’re at the start of a new week, let’s make it superb, with some fabulous and marvelous thrown in for good measure.

Peonies I bought yesterday. Did you treat yourself to some flowers? If not treat yourself today!!

Have a blessed week Dahhlings!

Love & Light!

Day 86…

In Daily Musings on March 26, 2012 at 9:20 am

 Happy Monday to you! It’s was a rainy and chilly weekend, that’s what you get for a freaky 85 degrees in March on Friday.  Everyone was stripped naked, I saw some strange sights which burned my eyes!!!  I wonder who has a cold right now?  And yes, we are already 86 days into the new year!  Hasn’t time gone by fast?  Have you accomplished any of your new year resolutions or promises to yourself? So far I’m quite happy with myself, I’m a little behind, but I’m not going to be too hard on myself and neither should you, after all it’s only March.  I did get a lot done this weekend though.  I started my spring blossom pin collection (more colours to come), and completed a couple of orders for my iPad 2 case ( go to to view item).  Blooming Flower pins will be available  on the website very soon.

I’m really pleased with my 2 volume Alice Walker book, which I purchased at Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe .  This volume contains The Colour Purple and The Temple of My Familiar, 2 books I’ve wanted to reread for some time; what better way then to read them in a beautifully bound edition.

The other 2 books Chanel and Model, were purchased at Kultura Second Hand Books & Sort of Vintage Clothing (love that title).  I have a passion for fashion books, vintage and otherwise. Kultura is a quaint little shop where you have no idea what surprises are going to be in store for you, if you love second-hand book stores, you’ll love this little gem.  I found a little surprise when I opened a book and found this very old, torn postcard inside: 

A lover's note

It reads: To Caulor, my fiery latin matator ami. OOH-LA-LA! Am having a most delightful time here in surf country and am never coming home.  How romantic! at least I hope it’s romantic, that last line ” and am never coming home” could mean a couple of things, but since I’m an Aquarian, I’ll take the romantic route.


I also love Kramerbooks & Afterwords Cafe.  Kramerbooks is a store you can spend the whole day in. it’s a bookstore, restaurant and bar.  Really nice food for Sunday brunch and has a fantastic book selection.   They are a little overpriced, but you can find some hard to come by titles there.  I grabbed the Alice Walker book for $22, which wasn’t bad, plus it was the only copy, and it was mine!!!

Here's Cherkita in Kramerbooks reading "How To Be Black" I haven't researched this book, nor do I know who the target audience is, so I will withhold comment. I thought it was a great photo op. Do you get the irony?

 I didn’t get a chance to go down to the Tidal Basin to take photos of the cherry blossoms, it was too  chilly for me, plus I was busy with my own crochet blossoms.  Only God knows what condition they’re in after the rain.  If the weather warms up again soon, I’d like to take a trip down there before they all disappear. 

Here’s my song of the day:

I love this song!!!

Listen here:

 I’d like to wish you all a fabulous and blessed Monday, don’t get too stressed, before you know it, Friday will be here and it’ll be the weekend all over again.

Bye Dahhlings!

Really Seeing Blue…

In Daily Musings on March 6, 2012 at 12:39 pm

A pop of colour.

 It took me over four hours to complete this post today, due to computer glitches and all sorts of other gremlins, so the title of my post is very appropriate.  I need a cocktail now.  Here you go…

There are some really gorgeous blues out there right now, from neon, to turquoise, to teal, to azure; there’s a whole Crayola box of blues out there.  I will  be incorporating some form of vivid blue into my own spring/summer wardrobe, you should give one or more of these blues a try too.  Get some colour in your life.

Burberry Leather Trench - I love this entire look. The little red bag just seals it!

If you’re not quite ready to take the leap and commit to a blue polish on your fingernails, how about applying it to your pedicure?  This blue would look stunning peeking out of a pair of high-heeled strappy sandals.

Essie Nail Polish in Aruba Blue

For those chilly spring evenings, wear your Maylana's Closet Mega Cowl. Go to for details.


The author's own shoes.

Burberry Clutch