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Girl About Town…

In Daily Musings, Maylana's Dream List, New Loves! on April 24, 2012 at 10:10 am

I was out and about this weekend picking up a few things.  I  had to replace my MAC Studio Fix, I was down to the scrapings (not a good thing) I just haven’t had time to replace it sooner.  Studio fix is my go to product for daily use. If I want more coverage, I apply a little Bobbi Brown stick foundation in Warm Almond underneath and that gives me the complete coverage I’m sometimes looking for.   While I was at it, I picked up my MAC lipstick in Voice with Cork lip liner. I use this combo for a more natural look when I don’t want to go “POW” with the Tom Ford Cherry Lush.  A nude lip works every time.

I took a little wander into the Saks shoe department (why did I do that?) and found these little beauties; I’m just coveting these lettered Louboutins right now!

Then of course there were these beautiful Reed Krakoff sandals.  Everything this man touches turns out gorgeous (look how he turned Coach around!).  His own line of clothing and accessories is simply stunning. I’ll feature Reed Krakoff’s designs in a later post.


On my way out of Saks I came across this little number. Very Missoni inspired in my opinion.  This is a very easy to wear dress; dress it up with high wedges or create a more casual look with thong flat sandals, it all depends upon  you’re mood that day.

I finally saw my Gucci Fiat 500, how I looooove this car! the dude who owned this vehicle, just had it imported from Italy, apparently they have stopped production as it was a limited edition.  He is obviously a Gucci fanatic, because he was in head to toe Gucci,sunglasses,  jewelry, jeans, shoes; hey whatever floats your boat!

So that’s pretty much my wants from head to toe (and car); now to crack open the piggy bank and see what’s in there!

Have a beautiful day… kisses!


Fiat Love…

In Daily Musings, New Loves! on March 16, 2012 at 10:47 am

 Due to a dental appointment, which turned out to be waaaaay more than I bargained for,  I was MIA yesterday.   I swear the dental profession is one big con, but what are you going to do? Being a Diva with no teeth does not work for me.  Can you imagine being dressed to the nines, then you open your mouth and there is nothing but a black hole!!!   Taking care of my teeth is really important to me and I go every 6 months, so why was I in the dental chair  (my new dentist) for an hour and a half??  I have to say he was really good, but it begs the question of what was my old dentist doing?  Oh well.  After sore gums (which are still sore today), and a dose of Tylenol with Codeine, I’m happy to say my pearly whites are in top form and I will be smiling oh so brightly!!  Here’s yesterday’s post today. 

Happy Friday Everyone… Mwah!

As much as I love the Mini Cooper, I’m also in love with the new Fiat 500. The collaboration between Gucci and Fiat of a special edition model has produced a very elegant and fun car, which I am absolutely in love with.   The Italians are totally on point with this cute little vehicle.  The Fiat Lounge (which is the size I like starts at approximately $25,500 and the Gucci edition starts at approximately $28,000. The gas mileage as you can imagine is fantastic!  With gas prices at $4.87 per gallon, how can you go wrong.  I’m not a car person, so I won’t even attempt to go into  specs, under the hood and all that good stuff.  All I know, is it’s low on gas, it’s cute, and I’d be able to park anywhere…  Maybe it’s time to trade in the SUV and get one of these.

Isn't this just the cutest!!!

And here’s  the Mini Cooper convertible… Choices, choices!!

A girly car.