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Glam Night Out #9

In Daily Musings on July 23, 2014 at 9:22 pm
Glam Night Out #9

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Birkenstock Love…

In Weekend Chronicles on July 13, 2014 at 9:45 pm

Birkenstocks - Arizona Silver


You’ve just got to love Birkenstocks.  They have been around since the beginning of time. (at least it seems that way, I think Moses was wearing them!) A shoe that most of us would not have been seen dead in 20 years ago, but has now become an iconic style statement for every Stylista worth her salt and a wardrobe staple.

I myself own a couple of pairs, which I bought back in the mid 90′s and early 2000′s, way before they became the trend of 2014.  They are still  going strong today, and are in great condition.  The original Birkenstock, appears to be a shoe, that no matter what you do to them, they still keep going, and the comfort factor cannot be denied.  I think that’s why hippies loved them way back when.

A few companies have jumped on the Birkenstock “style” band wagon, Zara, Target, Steve Madden to name a few, creating their own version of this comfy shoe, but in my opinion, nothing beats the real thing.  Created in 1774, when Louis XVI ascended to the throne of France, a history tidbit that really has nothing to do with this post, but I thought I’d throw it in for good measure!

I don’t think this unlikely style statement is going anywhere any time soon.

You can read more on the history of  Birkenstock here and get your Birkenstock groove on here and here

Birkenstocks - Arizona Silver - Side View


Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor

Busy Chronicles And Other Musings…

In Daily Chronicles, Daily Musings on July 10, 2014 at 11:40 am


Maylana Future One Edit

Oh my!!! It’s been a while Darlings!  What with my travels to Los Angeles for the BET Awards and BET Experience; and then back and forth to New York and beyond, it certainly has been a busy time in the land of Maylana.  Unfortunately this has given me very little time to blog.  I hope you are enjoying our foray into summer.  It’s been sweltering in DC, it was definitely much cooler and less humid in L.A.

Back to the BET Awards and the BET Experience, which was held at LA Live in downtown Los Angeles.  The most enjoyable moment for me was the Mary J. Blige concert at the Staples Center, it was definitely the old Mary on stage, singing hits from her earlier albums from the mid 90′s to the 2000′s; which we all sang along to, with gusto at the top of our lungs, until we were hoarse.

With my crazy and unpredictable schedule, I’m not sure when my next blog post will be, but you can keep up with me on Instagram @ “Maylana” which is easier for me, until my schedule becomes a little more predictable.  In the meantime, enjoy this gorgeous weather, exercise, eat good clean food, and have yourselves the most wonderful time, and don’t forget to throw in some fun for good measure.

Love, Blessings and Light.

Maylana - Cat Eyes


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