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Christmas Time is Here… Again!

In Christmas Chronicles on December 25, 2015 at 2:38 pm

blinking christmas lights

Christmas ball 1

Can you believe Christmas is here again!!! I remember Christmas 2014 very clearly, the time is just flying by.  My busy schedule did not allow me time to buy a tree, and I’ve been noticing the holiday mannequins which have been showing up on the social media circuit and I was very intrigued.  I decided to create my own.  Here is my version of the decorative Christmas mannequin.

Christmas, Xmas, Holiday, Mannequin


I used 6′ of artificial greenery which I bought from Target about 10 years ago; it already had the white frosted acorns attached, I then added some glass Christmas ornaments and for added glamour I then added the fairy lights.

To get you in the true holiday mood, here are 3 of my favourites. Do You Hear what I Hear by Whitney Houston,  Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt and Silent Night sung by the Temptations and another version of Silent Night sung by  Mariah Carey.

Blog this christmas

Wishing you a fabulous and joyous Christmas!





Christmas Bells


Monday Musings…

In Daily Musings on February 11, 2013 at 2:14 pm

002 You create

Hi Dahhlings!  Here we are again, another cloudy but beautiful Monday.  Did anyone watch the Grammy’s last night? I won’t go into much detail here, as every blog in the blogosphere is covering it, but did anyone see the Frank Ocean performance “Forest Gump”? What on earth was that? Did he just make that song up as he went along, and then the whistling!!! I rest my case! It was so painful to watch, see for yourself here.

Whitney Houston

Today is one year to the day since Whitney Houston joined God’s choir in the sky.  May her soul be at rest.  One year has really gone by really fast.  Can you remember what you were doing one year ago?

Browsing through my favourite creativity site, Pinterest, I was looking at some street style fashion week photos, this photo of Sai Sankoh grabbed me the most. Love, love the colour of her turban with that very chic dress.

Full LengthSai Sankoh

I love this dress by Rachel Roy, very regal.

Rachel Roy

Wishing you an Amazing, and Fabulous Monday!


Enter Mr. Reggie Wells…

In Daily Musings on September 24, 2012 at 8:11 am

While getting my bi-weekly haircut on Saturday, which at this point was actually at 3 weeks (busy, busy), who should walk into the salon, but Emmy award-winning make-up artist, Mr. Reggie Wells himself! Who is Reggie Wells? some of you may ask; Mr. Wells was Oprah Winfrey’s makeup artist for 20 plus years!

He was an absolute darling and a pleasure to talk to and was so down to earth with no airs and graces.  Reggie had us all rolling with laughter within 15 minutes of his arrival.  Reggie has worked with all the major stars including: Chaka Khan, Diahann Carroll, Oprah Winfrey, Iman, Whitney Houston, and more.  Unfortunately I was unable to take a pic with him, though he was willing; but I was smack in the middle of my haircut and colour and he had to leave.  So here is my photo of Mr. Reggie Wells and Mr. Duvall who is the owner of the salon.

Can you believe Mr Duvall is 82 years young!! He is one of the sharpest business men I know, with amazing stories of Washington, DC in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  To read more about Reggie’s time with Oprah click here.

Mr. Wells is also the International Creative Director of Australia’s beauty brand Hissyfit.  Hissyfit is the brainchild of Australia’s Olympic gold medalist Louise Dobson and former magazine editor Sue Smethurst.  To see more on Hissy Fit click on the link.

Wishing you an amazing and productive week.  Smooches!

Goodbye Whitney…

In Daily Musings on February 18, 2012 at 9:51 pm

Like most of the world, I watched Whitney Houston’s dignified and spiritual funeral service held in Newark, NJ today.  The comments and performances were absolutely beautiful and from the heart.  The person who was noticeably missing from the service was Aretha Franklin, it would be interesting to know why she did not attend.  I will not speculate.  Chaka Khan was also absent, Chaka was very close to Whitney.  The moment where I choked up was when the 6 pallbearers lifted Whitney’s  beautiful gleaming casket up on their shoulders; when the light hit the casket, for me that was the moment it was final.

Kevin Costner‘s eulogy was very thoughtful,beautiful, and enlightening with a little humour thrown in.  Who knew he and Whitney had so much in common? If we believed the rumours that came out during the filming of “The Bodyguard” we would not have thought so.  The lesson here, do not listen to gossip.  Tyler Perry became a pastor for a few minutes.  The Winans Family, boy do they roll deep… There is a lot of them!  Talent is embedded in their DNA. 

Once again I wish Whitney, Godspeed and God’s light. I know she has been well received in heaven and is right now been giving a glorious homecoming by Amy, Luther, Michael, Phoebe,  Teddy, Etta, Marvin, Isaac, Gerald and so many others too numerous to mention.  Biggie,  Tupac and Heavy D  will be throwing down some rhymes (clean) for her; with Mr. Don Cornelius as the gracious host.  They’re having a party up there.  Whitney’s in good company.

Rest In Peace, Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston.



A Star No Longer Shines…

In Daily Musings on February 11, 2012 at 9:28 pm

My sister informed me all the way from London, that Whitney Houston passed away this evening.  I was surprised, but also not surprised.  I wish Whitney peace and blessings on her journey back to her creator.  There’s no need to rehash her decline, we read and saw in great detail, a beautiful woman with a beautiful voice, go to a place she did not need to be.  The song that means a lot to me is a fairly new one “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength” This song helped me through a very difficult time in my own life.   Thank you Whitney. 

 Here’s the video…

 Whitney may your soul be at peace, may your light shine again, and may you once again sing in God‘s choir.  Peace and God Bless!

Rest In Peace