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Goodbye Whitney…

In Daily Musings on February 18, 2012 at 9:51 pm

Like most of the world, I watched Whitney Houston’s dignified and spiritual funeral service held in Newark, NJ today.  The comments and performances were absolutely beautiful and from the heart.  The person who was noticeably missing from the service was Aretha Franklin, it would be interesting to know why she did not attend.  I will not speculate.  Chaka Khan was also absent, Chaka was very close to Whitney.  The moment where I choked up was when the 6 pallbearers lifted Whitney’s  beautiful gleaming casket up on their shoulders; when the light hit the casket, for me that was the moment it was final.

Kevin Costner‘s eulogy was very thoughtful,beautiful, and enlightening with a little humour thrown in.  Who knew he and Whitney had so much in common? If we believed the rumours that came out during the filming of “The Bodyguard” we would not have thought so.  The lesson here, do not listen to gossip.  Tyler Perry became a pastor for a few minutes.  The Winans Family, boy do they roll deep… There is a lot of them!  Talent is embedded in their DNA. 

Once again I wish Whitney, Godspeed and God’s light. I know she has been well received in heaven and is right now been giving a glorious homecoming by Amy, Luther, Michael, Phoebe,  Teddy, Etta, Marvin, Isaac, Gerald and so many others too numerous to mention.  Biggie,  Tupac and Heavy D  will be throwing down some rhymes (clean) for her; with Mr. Don Cornelius as the gracious host.  They’re having a party up there.  Whitney’s in good company.

Rest In Peace, Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston.


  1. I am deeply touched. Beautiful blog about Whitney’s funeral. RIP Whitney…you will be missed.

  2. I am deeply touched. Beatiful blog about Whitney’s funeral. I kept on listening to her “I Will Always Love You” song and it brings tears in my eyes. RIP Ms Whitney Houston. You will be missed.

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