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The Soul Of London…

In Daily Musings on March 29, 2012 at 3:09 pm

Another extremely busy day today, so here is another short and  sweet post.

To help my busy days go by, I’m always tuned in to The Sound of London Radio (TSOL).  This is my all time favourite music radio station, which is streamed live online. TSOL plays all the old school jams of yester year which I raved and listened to back home in London. I don’t feel so homesick while listening to them.

TSOL plays Lovers Rock (mostly Brits will understand what lover’s rock is; click the link to find out more), old school reggae, soul from the  60’s,80’s up to the present. TSOL plays music which just never gets aired on regular radio.  For me it brings London right into my office/living room/bedroom, wherever I happen to be. 

Most of the DJ’s, I either went to school with or lived in my neighborhood. It’s good to see they’ve taken their love of music to the next level.  If you want to hear something different instead of the same five songs you hear every day tune in to TSOL.  You’ll realize the programming for British radio is very different then it is in the states.  You can also listen to them on any Apple or Android product.

Check them out, I think you’ll love them too.  Say hello to everyone in the shoutbox. 

Also check them out on Facebook.

Happy listening:


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