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Heel ~ Less Wonders?

In Daily Musings on June 12, 2012 at 11:02 am

The perfect coffee table adornment!

I’m quite intrigued by the heel less shoe which is trying to be the current trend right now (note: I said trying).  Thanks in part to Lady Gaga strutting in her Noritaka Tatehana designed shoe back in 2011.   What I’ve noticed, is you either really hate this shoe or you really love it.  I’m still undecided as I don’t see myself wearing these 20 years from now (will these ever be vintage? NOT!).  I do think these red sparkly ones above would look great on display in my living room though; what else would you do with these shoes?.  I’ve written about these shoes before, but was inspired to write about them again after attending a fabulous event a couple of weekends ago.  There were at least 3 women teetering around in these imaginary 5 inch wonders. 

These look like weapons!

After some research and watching YouTube videos, I found out that these shoes are fairly easy to walk in.  Apparently the trick is that the shoes are actually quite heavy because they are weighted in the platform base under the toe.  Therefore, all your weight is forced forwards, then downwards, so you are unable to tip backwards (I’m still not truly convinced about that).  On the flip side, I’ve also seen YouTube videos of fashion shows, where models have stumbled and fallen flat on their faces; not a pretty sight!  This is probably the last time you’ll hear about these shoes from me for a while, I’m moving on to other interesting things!

Have an amazing Tuesday! 


  1. I like elegant, sexy shoes and these are neither! Not a believer…

    • LOL, straight to the point. I like the aesthetics, definitely Oject d’art, but to wear… I’d like to try them on and try to walk in them, feel what their like; but I wouldn’t buy a pair. No vintage value 🙂

  2. I completely agree with you! They would look wonderful displayed in my living room, not on my feet!!

  3. hey maylana: my comment on these–how the H@#L would you ever walk in them?!? they look heavy, clumpy, clunky, awkward, …just plain UGLY!!! definitely not vintage material.

    • Totally agree. When you have time go to youtube and type it in. Its hillarious! And you’re right, NOT vintage material, it’s a definite fad!!

  4. Let a strong wind blow by and it’s over! LOL

  5. I wish I had this ones in my closet!

  6. Im afraid I’d kill myself wearing these, I however think they would make a great vase (lined of course) or plant pot holder! I’m afraid I’m a more practical than stylish person and will be sticking to my wellies, green of course. I’m looking forward to more wish list items, nice camera 😍. Have you ever tried the Mille fleurs perfume? I’m intrigued as to it’s scent and would put that on my list. Glad you’re doing so well my friend you’re a great inspiration x Ann

    • Lol I love the idea of using them as a case… PERFECT!! I don’t think I’ve tried the Mille fleurs perfume but I’m now going to find it and check it out and add to the Objects of Desire list. Thanks so much for visiting darling. Always good to hear from you.

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