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Object’s of Desire…

In Daily Musings on June 13, 2012 at 10:23 am

Starting Friday, June 29, I will be debuting a new monthly feature titled ” Maylana’s Closet Objects of Desire” whether it’s a pink pony, a vacation in the Maldives or a red convertible Bentley, it will be my dream list of over the top items if money were no object. (some affordable things will make it too!) Hey I’m allowed to dream aren’t I?  And so should you!  Maylana’s Closet Objects of Desire will be posted on the last Friday of each month.

Look out for the fabulous, the opulent,over the top and sometimes affordable bits and pieces.  What’s on your wish list? We’re going to have fun with this!

Even though it’s not yet the 29th,  I couldn’t wait to show you my first object of desire… Why? Because I need one of these like yesterday!

 I want a Canon EOS Rebel T3i or T2i camera, because every blogger and/or boutique owner worth her salt, who constantly takes photos needs one; an iPhone camera will only take you so far!  Lowest Price found via Nextag ~$618 ~$749 at Wal-Mart (hopefully there’ll be a sale July 4th).  This camera is one of the best in its class and at a great price.  It’s easy to use (point and shoot), fantastic professional photos and lots of cool features such as: 18 MP, creative filters, wide 3″ clear view LCD monitor, HD movie mode, and many other brilliant features too numerous to mention here. Plus, I think I’ll look quite cool with one of these at the numerous events I’m being invited to this summer. 🙂

 You can take a look at specs here:

Have yourselves an amazing Wednesday!

  1. I Love this idea! I am looking forward to this adventure:-)

  2. Great! I have a T1i that I bough tfrom a friend recently. I’ve been taking some good stuff! Can’t wait for you to get yours!

  3. I want that camera too!

    • Isn’t it just the best! Let’s hope for a Independence Day sale!!

      • That would be nice.

        I notice your “Gravatar” profile included “etsy” when I clicked on I did not couldm’t pull it up, is it me?

      • I think I may have a bad link. I’ll correct it, thanks for letting me know. I just made my etsy shop live 2 weeks ago and sold a DVF dress on Sunday. I need to upload more items

      • Wow, you are onto success my friend!

        I opened mine in 2009, but was not active because I was working full time at a place that was really bringing me down, so I quit in April of this year I barely loaded pictures in April of this year. And this week I sold five pieces of the same item. I also have to keep up with it.

        Looking forward to seeing your success!

      • Thank you so much. You sound like I did a year ago. I was at a job I disliked very much and decided to walk away and work for myself. I just wrote a post referring to it last Thursday I’ve never been happier. I listed my store in April, but just got around to actually opening it 2 weeks ago. I’ve been a Etsy shopper for about 3 years, I love it! I’m so inspired to make my own store a success. Your time is coming too with your jewelry! Glad to have me you via WordPress 🙂

  4. I have the rebel t2 and it’s a great camera for bloggers! Not to pro and expensive or to cheap and of bad quality! I’m glad you found me, because I love your blog as well! Now we are connected! Happy bloggin’!

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