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{Repost} Going Aqua…

In Daily Musings, New Loves! on June 15, 2012 at 1:51 pm


Today has been the craziest and busiest day so far, therefore I have not had time to write today’s post.  I usually have what I call fill-in posts written in advance for when I’m busy, but I’ve been a little swamped over the past week.  Today I’m reposting an article that has been very popular and has generated a lot of interest.

To all my lovely bombshells who have been asking; the answer is NO!!! I have not found this bag; and not for the lack of trying!!  This aqua coloured Coach bag is the most elusive and obviously exclusive and rare Coach bag ever!  I have tried several avenues of trying to locate this bag, even calling outside the country; but to no avail.  This bag is easy to obtain in any other colour but the aqua; apparently Coach only released a very limited run in this colour.   At this time, we shall just have to continue to drool over the photo.

Stay tuned, I’m still searching!!!


I just discovered this amazing aqua coloured Coach bag which I found on @justsitpretty’s Pinterest board. Do you hear me screaming just have to have!!! I am obsessed with this colour. This bag is simply gorgeous!!! It is 11:11 pm at night. I’m going to track this baby down tomorrow.

Update 4/17 – just found out from @justsitpretty this bag is called the Kristin Elevated Satchel and it’s no longer available in aqua… Bummer!  eBay here I come!!!

Have yourselves the most fabulous and amazing weekend!!

  1. I. Love. This. Bag.

    Thanks for reposting!! 🙂 TGIF!

  2. This bag really is GORGEOUS! The color is spectacular!!! Drooling!!!

  3. Hey Doll! I love this color! I just bought a Marc Jacobs in this color! I miss you!

  4. Did you find it!? I believe I may need rehab after seeing this pic…I MUST have this bag…plz tell me you found it!? I plan to call coach and the outlets tomorrow and see if they can locate one?! Ughhhh…I have to find it…really hoping you did…can’t even find it on ebay…

    • I’ve tried for 2 years to find this bag. I’ve found the other colours, but never this one. Let me know if you have better luck!

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