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A Peaceful Thursday…

In Daily Musings on August 16, 2012 at 1:02 pm

Click on image to see the beauty of this photo.

This is how I’m spending today.  No this is not my bedroom (oh how I wish!), but hopefully you get the idea.  I just found this image on Domino Mag online (watch out for a future post on the now defunct Domino Magazine).  I’m fighting off a potential cold, therefore, I’m not in a blogging mood today.  So, as a compromise, I thought I’d post this peaceful visual for you, it does makes me feel a little better.

Happy Thursday Dahhlings!

  1. Feel better. Lovely room for relaxation.

  2. I may not have the exact view as this room but I to have no need for CURTAINS lol

    • Totally agree! 🙂

      • I want to see the moose look in our window to see what we are doing and if I had curtains I would never get to see all the young baby birds and animals that their moms bring here and if someone comes to the end of a long dirt road and see us living life than so be it 🙂

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