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Countess Barbie A La Bob Mackie…

In Daily Musings on October 31, 2012 at 6:33 pm

I’m really not into the Halloween shenanigans, but I couldn’t resist posting Countess Dracula Barbie, created and designed by Mr. Bob Mackie.  Barbie, who is 53 years young is looking rather vampish in one of his spectacular creations.  This was a limited edition doll created last year, which is apparently no longer available, except at exorbitant prices on eBay, and other collector websites.  For those of you who love this sort of thing… Enjoy!

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Exquisitely Painted Pumpkins…

In Daily Musings, New Loves! on October 25, 2012 at 8:35 am

While perusing the ever so addictive Pinterest, I came across this gorgeous painted pumpkin, which was featured in  the October issue of Chatelaine Magazine.

It was the vibrant colours which really caught my eye.  It never once occurred to me to hollow out a pumpkin, then paint it and fill it with flowers. The good thing is, you don’t even have to hollow out {less work!}, you can just paint as is and viola, a beautiful piece of art created by you!

Thanks to Chatelaine Magazine, this is a DIY project I will try in the near future.  Get yourselves some sample size paints at Home Depot or Lowes and paint away to your heart’s content. Who would have thought!! Off to the supermarket I go!

For more pumpkin paint ideas, click here These are for halloween, but you get the idea.