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I’m Loving Jeffrey Campbell’s…

In New Loves! on January 26, 2012 at 5:51 pm

Lita Shoe!  Well it looks like Lita is here for a while and not going anywhere. Lita had a grand debut  in July 2010 and even had a first birthday party last year; and she’s still going strong.  There have been so many variations of this shoe boot you don’t know where to start, suede, leather, metallic, skin print, studs, lace, patterns, fur, you name it, Lita’s rocking it. There is not a colour way or fabric Lita doesn’t come in. I will be honest,  I didn’t know how I felt about her when she first came out, I had a kind of love/hate relationship with her. Then I saw her dressed in purple suede (see pic), in pink suede,  in turquoise suede and snake-skin (should I go on?) and I was sold.  Black seems to be the hardest colour to come by and is on back order in some places.  Now, nearly 2 years later I’m trying to decide which Lita to buy first (I need at least two).  There’s a huge Lita following on Instagram  (you can also follow me there on iPhone/iPad under Maylana) or you can check her out at, Nordstrom, and where there are great selections.  I’m about to get my Lita on, I’ll let you know what I end up with. Smooches!

More Colours

Love This Boot!




I Love Maxwell…

In Daily Musings on January 26, 2012 at 9:00 am

No… Not that Maxwell, but Maxwell the pig in the Geico commercials.  To me that’s one of the funniest commercials in a long time.  Weeeeeeee! I fell out when I first saw it, I hope you’ll enjoy it too. To brighten your Thursday click on the links below and  have yourself a laugh.  Remember it’s the day before Friday. Stay blessed, Stay happy!

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