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Do You Have Your Rocks???

In Daily Musings on February 16, 2012 at 10:18 am

Tsion Rocks that is!  Tsion (pronounced Zion) Rocks is a line of semi-precious beaded jewelry created by renowned artist Ms. Yvette Crocker.  She calls them wearable art and yes they are!  Tsion Rocks has taken off like wildfire.  Yvette decided to put her beautiful art, which she paints on wood on hiatus, while she channeled some of her other artistic abilities.  To see her art pieces, pay a visit to her online gallery @

 From her first bracelet, Yvette started a stampede on Facebook, with everyone from DC, New York, New Jersey, Atlanta and everywhere  in between and beyond, wanting to purchase their own rocks. If you blink, you’ll miss them!  Tsion Rocks Bracelets and necklaces (there are earrings too) are made up of Amethyst, Turquoise, Coral, Onyx, Pink Agate, the list of crystals and stones she uses goes on and on.  Yvette sources the most unusual beads from all over the world.  Ms. Crocker also has a bespoke line, where she uses real diamond beads to create her luxury items, and what beautiful  luxuries they are!  Yvette likes to take high-end vintage pieces, pull them apart and then create a one of a kind statement piece mixed in with her crystal beads.  Is this woman an artist or what!

Tsion Rocks bracelets and necklaces are worn by multi-platinum artists such as Kanye West, Raheem DeVaugh, among many others.  Sports stars such as  Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis  are flocking to Tsion Rocks; buying in multiples because they can’t get enough.  Many from the entertainment and sports elite are rushing to get their  own pieces.

The crème de la crème was when Tsion Rocks bracelets were presented as a gift to our First Lady of The United States, Michelle Obama, which also included a bracelet for each of her daughters.  For me that was Yvette’s shining moment.  When the wife of the President is wearing your jewelry you have arrived! Especially the wife of this President! Even her  gift packaging smacks of class. Your item is placed in a velvet pouch and an exquisite tin box which is then wrapped up with a gorgeous grosgrain bow.

Get yours!

Tsion Rocks available at



Tsion Rocks!!


My Tsion Rocks!

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