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Are You Rocking Red Today???

In Daily Musings on March 10, 2012 at 8:20 am

As I mentioned on Thursday, today March 10th, is National Women and Girls’ HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. The Red Pump Project has asked for all bloggers to blanket the blogosphere red, today, so here I am.  Remember it’s more than a fashion statement, it’s about women demonstrating that awareness is always in style.  Remember every 35 minutes a woman is diagnosed with HIV.  Here’s my own spin, if you don’t own a pair of red pumps, rock your red blouse, belt, handbag, whatever you have in red, lets show support for this very important day.

Go to for more information.

March 10th - Women & Girls' HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - Rock Yours!!


  1. That pump in the photo above looks like dripping red paint or nail polish—I have a vivid imagination like that.

    I will make sure to incorporate red in some way in my outfit then. It’s my favorite color, and this sounds like a great cause.

    • And I just realized I missed the date, and responded to this post days after it was posted.

      I’d still want to find ways to support this cause regardless! I’m following them.

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