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Weekend Wanderings…

In Daily Musings on May 14, 2012 at 9:50 am

Hi fabulous people, I hope you had a beautiful weekend, because I most certainly did, I have minor sunburn to prove it.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous here, 80 degrees, blue skies and sunshine.  My weekend started off fantastic because it was The Great Yard Sale for my neighbourhood; where many homeowners participate in one massive garage sale. I love yard sales, you can find the most amazing items for next to nothing. Seventy one homes participated, where there were lots of goodies to be found everywhere. 

 I met some really friendly and amazing people while I was out and about, Chereeka was one of them.  When I came across Ms. Diva sitting on her porch with some beautiful items for sale, I just had to stop and take a photo of this beautiful necklace she bought in Pakistan.  Now isn’t this a statement piece or what!

Because of my interest, she went inside her home and brought out this turquoise beauty, which she bought in Istanbul and kindly allowed me to try on; I fell in love instantly because it was perfect with the strapless jumpsuit I was wearing; and no she was not selling any of these. Would you?

I’ve been looking for an old fashion typewriter for display purposes for a while, and luckily I came across this gem and paid all of $7 bucks for it.  It needs cleaning up which I’m more than happy to do, it’s in good condition and still works.  For those of you old enough. do you remember learning to type on a manual or electric typewriter?  I couldn’t use one now to save my life, hence why this is just for show.  I’m so pleased I found this because I’ve searched eBay, and most people were asking ridiculous prices, sometimes up to $300!!! Please!

While going from house to house, I started taking pics of these gorgeous rose bushes, which surrounded a beautiful colonial style home on a corner lot.  While I was taking photos with my trusty iPhone, the grand dame of the house, Ms. Daisy (yes that is her name) came out and asked if I’d like a cutting.  Ms. Daisy came out with her gardening gloves and shears and started telling me the story of her rose bushes and taking care of them.  I was so touched by her kindness, I forgot to take a pic of Ms. Daisy, but here is a photo of one of her many rose bushes and my cutting.


So there you are darlings; a quick take of my weekend.  I picked up some gorgeous things, some of which you will see on my soon to be opened Etsy store and also on  I also had dinner at a new restaurant in my neighbourhood called Menomale Pizzeria, where my new friend above and another creative spirit named Nya, who designs jewelry. The three of us had the best pizza made from scratch ever! Watch out for a future post on Nya.  I’ll also write about the restaurant in another post, with the new cupcake store next door, which has also recently popped up.  My neighbourhood is a very happening place.

I’d like to wish you a fabulous. glorious and blessed week. 

And remember ladies…

I’m talking about YOU!

  1. Wonderful Lana

    I felt as though the sun was smiling at me and I was enjoying the day with you

    “Of course I can and I have”

    Love & Blessings

  2. Absolutely LOVE that turquoise necklace you tried on!!! It looked fabulous with your outfit!!! As always LOVING your blog.

    • Thanks darling. I really was a fabulous necklace, I would have bought it from her if she was selling. A piece like that you keep forever. Thanks for your support!

  3. Hi my most stylish friend, what a lovely place you live in, those necklaces are amazing I expect they weigh a fair bit too? I like your new typewriter and what a bargain, my little fingers are wincing with the memory of torture between the keys! Also how lovely to get cuttings, I think most gardeners are like most dog walkers, happy to pass the time and neighbourly too. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs, love x

    • Oh thank you so much darling! I’m so happy to share my experiences with you. I truly love blogging and being a roving reporter so to speak, lol! I think I have found my true calling. Thanks so much for your support, I hope to always bring you quality content. Smooches!

  4. I was at work when I read this post, but the memory of that turquoise necklace made me come back to let you know how gorgeous it is!! I can just see it looking FAB with a white outfit!!

    • Hi darling, thank you so much. It truly is a gorgeous necklace! It was pretty heavy too. I’m glad I was able to post an item that you kept thinking about. You’re right with a white outfit it would be simply stunning!!

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