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Oh Chanel….

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I just found this gorgeous open-backed Chanel gown on Pinterest, and just had to post. It looks like an intricately beaded tattoo across your back. This dress commands attention! Only Chanel. Love it.

Another Star Dims…

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While going through my daily news feeds, there was the headline… Donna Summer died today from cancer… Wow!  With Chuck Brown just yesterday, and now Ms. Summer, I feel like all the true artists are passing away to sing in that glorious choir in the sky.  In my opinion, Donna Summer was one of the best singer/songwriters along with Ashford & Simpson; and many others of that era. 

I remember getting ready for  school and hearing MacArthur park on the radio in the mornings; that song may have been my first exposure to Donna Summer back home in England (so long ago, I don’t remember now :-))  Donna was given the crown and title “Queen of Disco” a very much deserved title in her heyday.  When you think of disco, you think of Donna Summer.  God bless her and may she rest in peace.

Below are a few of my favourite tracks.  


On The Radio:

Bad Girls (loved this one!)

Love To Love You Baby:

Women’s Anthem “She Works For The Money”

MacArthur Park (I never understood who left the cake out in the rain… Why did they?)