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Another Star Dims…

In Daily Musings on May 17, 2012 at 1:08 pm


While going through my daily news feeds, there was the headline… Donna Summer died today from cancer… Wow!  With Chuck Brown just yesterday, and now Ms. Summer, I feel like all the true artists are passing away to sing in that glorious choir in the sky.  In my opinion, Donna Summer was one of the best singer/songwriters along with Ashford & Simpson; and many others of that era. 

I remember getting ready for  school and hearing MacArthur park on the radio in the mornings; that song may have been my first exposure to Donna Summer back home in England (so long ago, I don’t remember now :-))  Donna was given the crown and title “Queen of Disco” a very much deserved title in her heyday.  When you think of disco, you think of Donna Summer.  God bless her and may she rest in peace.

Below are a few of my favourite tracks.  


On The Radio:

Bad Girls (loved this one!)

Love To Love You Baby:

Women’s Anthem “She Works For The Money”

MacArthur Park (I never understood who left the cake out in the rain… Why did they?)



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