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Wear Do You Sika?? (Repost)

In Daily Musings on May 16, 2012 at 9:32 am

This is a repost of a previously writtien article.  Quite a few people on Twitter and Instagram loved this particular piece, and asked me to repost; so here it is.  Happy Hump Day to all my fabulous bombshells!

For my birthday a couple of years ago, my sister Althea, bought me the most gorgeous 1950’s style dress,with an African twist.  Designed by a wonderful designer named Phyllis Taylor in London, who is the owner of a beautiful little shop named Sika Designs in South London.  I have been hooked on Sika dresses ever since, I wish she had a store here (sigh).  Ms. Taylor  who is of Ghanaian heritage creates her designs in London, which are then beautifully constructed with couture worthy stitching in Ghana; using genuine African fabric.

The Daisy Dress – From the new Labyrinth Collection


Sika dresses are statement pieces onto themselves, with their full skirts and layered petticoats (purchased separately) worn underneath.  A wide sash belt tied into a bow is the finishing touch on most dresses, you can’t help but be noticed.  For me Sika dresses are  “Mad Men” comes to Africa!

While wearing a Sika dress, you look and feel like an exotic, beautifully wrapped gift.  My sister has purchased other items for me from the Sika collection which I love equally; and now that the weather is about to break, look out for that bright spark of African fabric  in sky-high heels walking down the street; that will be me. Say hello if you see me 🙂

I would post a pic of me in my dress, but the quality of the photo once uploaded was blurry and not blog worthy.  I’ll take another pic soon.

To view the new Labyrinth collection and the full Sika line please visit:

The designer – Ms. Phyllis Taylor

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  1. You just messed up my budget.

    • Thanks so much. Her dresses truly are beautiful. Everytime I wear one people stop me in the street. I am truly loving your blog. Lots to think about over there. Keep it up darling.

  2. Yes I loved this post. I have a wedding to attend in August and I was thinking I might visit the site closer to the time to find something. You can’t imagine how surprised I was to visit the site and find most of my favourite pieces sold out 😥
    But there really are some fabulous pieces in her collection!

  3. Wow, they are soooo beautiful. In particular I love that first dress!

  4. Yes, I love Sika. I can’t remember where I first saw her designs but I instantly fell in love. They are so beautiful!

  5. […] Phyllis Taylor the owner of Sika Designs, who is of Ghanaian descent and is based in London.  Click here. Kiara Kabukuru & Debra Shaw in Christian Dior Haute […]

  6. The purple dress took my breath away !! Then I viewed the other dresses and thought.. gotta have at least one. It will be hard to

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