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My Fragrance For 2012 Is…

In New Loves! on January 24, 2012 at 3:03 pm

I’ve decided upon Bvlgari Mon Jasmine Noir.  This is truly a beautiful fragrance which is already a classic for me.  This is the lighter version to the much heavier and in my opinion pungent Jasmine Noir, which reminds me too much of Opium by Yves Saint Laurent (remember that one ladies?) I’ve been a fan of Bvlgari fragrances for some time, especially the Bvlgari Rose Essentielle.  Mon Jasmine Noir has top notes of golden citron and floral lily of the valley with of course the elegant Jasmine. Sprayed lightly (very important, you don’t want everyone in the elevator to pass out) you can have yourself a daily “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” moment. Treat yourself! Available at Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus, Saks

A Very Elegant Fragrance

  1. Thanks for sharing. Will definitely have to check it out!!!

  2. Hi, me again, I must try thus perfume. My own favourite at the moment is Garden of Eva by Benefit although their Rock me Rita is a very close second 😄 I never liked Opium much but your writing about strong smells reminds me of the Body Shops Dewberry that got banned in work places for being over powering. I can smell it now 😷

    • Hi again, I love hearing from you! Oh my gosh Body Shop Dewberry, that’s one I’ve not heard of in a while. Yes I remember working in the record industry and nearly every woman in my office was wearing it, to smell it now would make me ill! I also was never a fan of Opium, some women used to drown themselves in it which was awful, the smell would linger for hours after they left the area. I’ll have to check out Garden of Eva, There’s a Benefit counter at Neimans.

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