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Bloom Where You’re Planted…

In Daily Musings on May 21, 2012 at 9:56 am

One of the original Fashionistas/Diva

Well here we are again Divas, it’s Monday, and another fresh start.  What are you going to do with this new week you’ve been blessed with?  How are you going to make it special?  Do something great, have something to show for it by Friday.  This is the lead up to the U.S. Memorial weekend; so it’s going to be a short week for most (myself included) Are you bikini ready?? I’ve still got 6lbs to go, but I’m good.

I had a lovely weekend.  Went to my favourite spot, Oya, to celebrate another Diva’s birthday, Ms. Donna, where we had a fabulous time with lots of sushi, cocktails and good conversation.  While there, we met Antoine Anderson, who owns a modeling agency; he walked in with about 13 male models (that in itself was a sight to see) who all looked absolutely gorgeous in Antoine’s line of bow ties and their 2 piece suits.  Antoine conducted a photo shoot and  left… That’s fabulousness for you.  Watch out for Antoine in a future post.  Happy Birthday Donna, we celebrated in style.

Model rocking his high top to maximum effect.
I haven’t seen one since the 90’s

Bloom Where You’re Planted… Make sure you constantly blossom, do something spectacular right where you’re standing.  Today is your day to shine.  SHINE ON DIVAS! Be the Bombshells you are!

Here is a track by Nuyorican Soul I had on repeat during my commute this  morning.  Enjoy!

Have a fabulous, glorious and blessed Monday!

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